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As an early childhood educator and mom, I hold LPPP in the highest regards as far as quality preschools go. Teacher Barbara and Teacher Jackie are a great balance of love, excitement, nurturance, knowledge, experience, humor, compassion, and dedication. If I had to pick one thing I appreciate most about this school, it would be their respect for childhood–which is present in every interaction, every lesson, every material chosen. They foster an extended family-type of community, not just for the children, but for the families as a whole. I am forever grateful for this experience for our family.

Amanda Dixon - Parent

Teacher Barbara is the voice in my head. I have learned so much at LPPP!

Erin Edwards - Parent

How fortunate my daughter and I are to have been part of such an amazing school and community. ——– is ready to move on. She is creative, confident and emotionally strong. She is funny and friendly. LPPP has encouraged her growth so much.  I’m excited to see how these first school years shape the person she becomes.

Stacey - Parent

The first time I visited LPPP I asked Teacher Barbara why should we enroll here. She said, “If you could give them this experience, why wouldn’t you?” Boy was she right! The love, the time and the creative commitment both she and Teacher Jackie put into this school is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Elizabeth Haynes - Parent

My son and daughter both graduated from this wonderful school and love it!

Sansevero Family - Parent

My favorite thing about being a parent at LPPP is hearing my daughter ask in a most enthusiastic way, ‘Are you working at my school today?’

Brandi - Parent

LPPP is the best kept (preschool) secret in OC.  It’s hard to fully describe in words, but there is something very different about the learning atmosphere at LPPP.  Children are happily engaged, working with their hands, minds and bodies to discover how the world works in the security of a loving, creative classroom environment.  The curriculum is rich and stimulating, allowing  students to engage in high-level thinking skills instead of rote memorization of facts.  Children are allowed to do things for themselves and we as parents learn how to let them do just that rather than doing for them.

Shelby Preusse - LPPP Parent