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Our Curriculum

One of our multicultural days – Chinese New Years

Children are involved in theme-based arts and crafts, science and cooking activities and multicultural celebrations during their school day.  We have two learning circles each day which teach age appropriate skills, concepts and Kindergarten readiness activities. Singing, stories, puppets, music and movement are all part of circle time.  Laguna Preschool provides a traditional preschool setting including a sensory table, block center, housekeeping and themed play areas that are created by the parents, dress-up areas, a puppet theater, as well as a variety of manipulatives, books, puzzles and games. The playground offers a playhouse, sensory and vegetable gardens, swinging, climbing and painting. There are several pets which can be cared for at home on weekends and holidays. Families are also offered the option to participate in a monthly gymnastic class and field trip.

We offer a variety of events for our students and families.  Some samples include:

  • Gymnastics
  • Bike days
  • Multicultural days
  • Fall Feast
  • Various field trips – Legoland, museums, nature preserves, etc.
  • Beach days
  • Pirate day
  • Dad’s night