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Curriculum and Philosophy

One of our multicultural days – Chinese New Years

Play based and Child-Centered Philosophy
“Play is really the work of childhood” – Fred Rogers.
Laguna Parent Participation Preschool applies a play based, child-centered philosophy. All areas of a child’s development are emphasized, including social, emotional, physical, cognitive, imaginative, and creative.

We believe in the inherent unlimited potential of every child and parent, and all work is to facilitate the manifestations of that potential.

Thematic Webbing and STEAMS Curriculum
Children construct their own knowledge through a carefully planned educational program that engages and builds upon the child’s current knowledge. Thematic webbing provides inspiration for daily activities, engaging students to explore central ideas in diverse ways.

STEAMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Social Skills) education is rooted in critical thinking, collaboration, curiosity, communication, adaptability, and questioning. The “S” at the end of STEAMS refers to our learning environment that supports lifelong social and emotional skills, such as problem solving, how to communicate needs, and the belief that children can “do hard things.”