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Meet the Teachers

Barbara Crowley

LPPP’s experienced, creative, compassionate, and community-building, Director Barbara Crowley, enchants children with her warmth and ideas, and brings parents back both for the quality of the curriculum and learning life lessons. “Teacher Barbara” uses her unique talent and developmental intuition to bring advanced concepts within the understanding of 3, 4 and 5 year olds, through hands-on projects and activities. Though all co-ops tend to have a warm energy, LPPP is exceptional.

Teacher Barbara aims for high level thinking skills, teaching broad concepts through projects and experiments. Monthly themes provide curriculum for sequential learning. Thematic material is based on real world knowledge, feeding natural curiosity and developing language and reasoning skills appropriate for all preschoolers. Teacher Barbara stresses three rules: Be Safe! Be kind! Have fun!

Barbara holds a PK-12 California Teaching Credential, with emphasis on Language Acquisition, all ECE and Administrative classes required for Preschool Directors and continues professional growth through both learning and lecturing opportunities in Southern California. 2015-16 will be her 20th year as Director of LPPP.

Jackie Millhouse

Jackie Millhouse brings 18 years of strong and diverse experience in education to provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for LPPP 2-Day class. Using positivity and patience she fosters the foundations of social and emotional development of students, as well as continuing to cognitively engage them through established LPPP curriculum. A Certified Music Together Instructor, Ms. Millhouse enhances all LPPP classes with music and movement.  Specialized experience includes identification, research and referral for early intervention for children with special needs.  “Teacher” Jackie holds all ECE and Administrative class requirements for Preschool Teacher/Director and has played key roles as a parent, Aide and Teacher at LPPP.