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Meet the Teachers

Jackie Schofield

LPPP Director Jackie Schofield sets the bar high for quality education in the community. “Teacher Jackie” establishes trust and caring with every child from their first interaction. Families sense that LPPP is a safe, loving and nurturing environment. A quintessential professional, Jackie leads with intelligence, compassion and confidence, providing the model and inspiration that fuels parents in their dedication to our program.

Jackie holds a 2017 Master of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education, capping 20 years of diverse teaching and leadership experience with the latest information in research and best practices for effective and appropriate preschool education. Jackie’s positivity and patience infuses every part of our school, embodying the mission of LPPP as a place of learning and growth for both students and parents. Working for 10 years as our 2 Day teacher, she supported the larger scope of school administration by guiding Fundraising, HR, and Parent Education as LPPP Assistant Director.

A Certified Music Together Teacher, Jackie enhances all LPPP classes with music and movement. Specialized experience includes the identification of individual needs to tailor education practices for all children. Jackie’s skills and qualifications are recognized by a Teacher/Director award from California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools. She is a published author–hoping to write more! LPPP flourishes under her guidance.

Barbara Crowley

LPPP’s 3 Day and PreK teacher Barbara Crowley brings 24 years of creative, compassionate, and community-building classroom co-op experience. Teacher Barbara enchants children with her enthusiastic warmth and ideas, and bonds parents as they share life-learning lessons that extend beyond the classroom.
“Teacher Barbara” uses her unique talent and developmental intuition as LPPP Curriculum Coordinator to bring advanced concepts within the understanding of 3, 4 and 5 year olds. An undergraduate degree from the science-oriented Revelle school at UCSD, fueled the idea that real world knowledge feeds the natural curiosity of preschoolers. Curriculum goals aim for high level thinking skills. Engaging “big idea” themes permeate curriculum activities, allowing children to deepen understanding through sequential reasoning.
Barbara holds a PK-12 California Teaching Credential, with emphasis on Language Acquisition, and all ECE and Administrative classes required for Administrative Director. As the Director of LPPP for 20 years, she led our school through four site relocations, growing LPPP to become the largest co-op in Orange County. Barbara is recognized by the California Council of Parent Participation Preschools for a lifetime of leadership and inspiration. She continues contributing and collaborating within CCPPNS to improve the quality of education for all cooperative preschools.

Chrissy Thompson

“Teacher Chrissy” started working with 2 and 3 year olds at the Child Development Center while completing a Degree in Human Development at Long Beach State University. Her devotion for working with young children only grew as she continued to work with 2, 3, and 4 year olds in a preschool setting. She is inspired by the approach of supporting young children in a play based environment and is dedicated to continuing her professional development. Ms. Thompson has also learned to encourage and motivate children from her experience coaching young children in gymnastics and dance. Chrissy is a lifelong learner who is in the process of completing her Early Childhood Master Teacher requirements. Ms. Thompson has been a parent at LPPP and understands the philosophy of guiding children along on their own path of learning.

Chrissy has always been an adventurer and loves traveling to new places near and far. She is passionate about reading and loves children’s books. One of her favorite books is, “If I Built a House” by Chris Van Dusen, which inspires creativity and thinking big!