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Director’s Letter

Dear Parents:

All of you are trying to be great parents, I can see that in your involvement with your children.  You are interesting people full of talents and experiences.  My hope is that you will want to be great Co-op members.  What does it take to be a great Co-op member?  First, just be there.  You are the teacher aides and curriculum support.  You are the decision makers, and policy voters.  Come get involved!

Then, give a little of whatever it is that you do best.  Are you a good organizer, game player, cleaner, singer, financier…?  What is your skill or your passion and how can you share it with your child through his/her school?  Think of where you fit in best with what you like to do.

This commitment isn’t hard!  And it is fun!  Co-ops run on volunteer people power, and I think that the quality of our “employees” is far superior to any other school.  Part of my role as Director is to develop our program.  I am willing to train and guide and teach and encourage and ENTHUSE over all your efforts.  Laguna Preschool is your Cooperative.  Dream about what you want for your child and think what you can do to get it.  Together we will have a fantastic year!

Teacher Barbara

Barbara Crowley
Laguna Parent Participation Preschool